Saturday, November 16, 2013

Music, Northern Illinois and Eating

Hopefully you have tuned into WDRV, the Drive here in Chicago while they run their semiannual "A to Z" where they play some 2,000 songs over a week+ and do it alphabetically. It streams on //// We have been wearing Northern Illinois gear all over of late and we sure are getting a lot of congratulations and compliments on how well our football team is doing. The last place we went today, there was a guy who graduated from NIU in 2003 and had been married on the football field of Huskie Stadium and had his reception in the Barsema Alumni Center. //// The bartender at Main Street Station said he had watched the game Wednesday and that earlier today some NIU alumni had been there and were making bids on the football teams U.S. veterans gear worn that night. //// Also at the last place, I overheard a guy across the bar from us talking about the old Puppet Bar and saying that all the old puppets had been destroyed. I told him that four remained at which time he looked at me and said, ?Mu God, you're Don T. Magestic!!" That was my old deejay name. It turns out he was a regular at the old Neptune's Cove and Eagle Point where I really cut my teeth learning how to disc jockey. He still gets together with the owners of Neptune's Cove and will send them a picture. //// And, did we ever do some eating at the Taste of McHenry Christmas Walk, hitting about ten places. //// It Was a Great Day. --RoadDog

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