Friday, November 8, 2013

10 Great Places: Tasty Takeout-- Part 2

WILLIE MAE'S SCOTCH HOUSE, NEW ORLEANS //// Patterson has had lots of fried chicken in his life, but he is very impressed with the spicy golden-brown coating at this Mid-City eatery. The greens and cornbread is just as good. //// SAMMY'S FAMOUS PIESHAKES-- PROVO, UTAH-- The name says it all. Patterson was impressed with the milk shake they makes with a slice of pie, milk and ice cream. They throw it into a blender and mix it. You can pick pieces of the pie out of the shake. //// POK POK-- PORTLAND, OREGON-- Patterson usually sticks with dishes he knows, but really liked the muu satch, a grilled chicken skewer served at this popular Thai restaurant. //// Eatin' On the Go. --RoadDog

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