Thursday, November 7, 2013

10 Great Places: Tasty Takeout-- Part 1

From the July 26, 2013, USA Today "10 Great Places: We're all in for takeout this tasty" by Larry Bleiberg. //// Daymon "Daym" Patterson, host of the new Travel Channel show "Best Daym Takeout" likes to eat in his car. Here are ten of his favorite spots to do this: SAMMY'S FISH BOX in BRONX, NY: City island eatery. Loves the huge portions, especially the shrimp cocktail, cod and his favorite, the fried shrimp. //// POSITIVE PIE in MONTHPELIER, VERMONT: Especially liked the meatless margherita pizza. //// DINO'S CHICKEN AND BURGERS in LOS ANGELES: Family-run and has incredible chicken in a Greek marinade served with a tortilla and cole slaw. //// Take Me Out to the Restaurant. --RoadDog

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