Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bits of 66 Catching Up-- Blue Whale-- The Boots-- Denny's Big Trip

Bits of 66--  Some Sort of New News On the Old Road.

1.  BLUE WHALE--  From Feb. 23rd--  Thieves broke into the collection box and stole $15.  A local woman has since donated three surveillance cameras.  The big fish, er, mammal, has been vandalized twice so far in 2012.

2.  THE BOOTS--   From May 7th St. Louis Today--  Five newly redone rooms opened at the Boots Motel in Carthage, Mo., today.  Wonder if Bob and Ramona at Munger-Moss will get mad if I stay there.  I also want to stay at the Wagon Wheel in Cuba.

3.  DENNY'S BIG TRIP--  My buddy Denny just finished a huge 6,269 mile, 28-day trip this past summer, using 240 gallons of gas in doing so.  He drove Route 66 the whole way from Chicago to Santa Monica and took a lot of US-70 on the way home. 

You can read about his exploits and see pictures at http://www.dennygibson.com/rt66in12/

My Yard Would Never Forgive Me If I Left It That Long in the Summer.  --RoadDog

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