Friday, October 12, 2012

One Last Trip Down the Fox River (For the Season)-- Part 1

This past Monday, Kevin and Kelly took us out on their boat downriver on the Fox, the river responsible for the Chain of Lakes here in northeast Illinois.  It was just a little bit cool, but the biggest problem was the strong wind.  We were sure buffeted going across Pistakee Lake.  Once on the river proper, it wasn't as bad.  And, even better, there were only a few boats in it.

The fact that most waterfront homes on the river have seawalls, makes wakes a real problem, especially when you encounter one of those big cruisers at high speeds.

No wait at the McHenry Lock and Dam south of McHenry; always a good thing.  It being noon, the lockmaster said that only one other boat had gone through.  On the weekends, it can be a one to two hour wait to go through.  A big reason we don't go downriver on the weekends along with those horrendous wakes.

I should mention that the wakes run to the seawalls, then off them and back to the center of the river, making for "jumpy" water.

Sadly, there was no water going over the concrete dam by the locks.

This whole last summer there was low water on the Chain of Lakes and especially on the Fox south of the lock.  Businesses down there were hurt badly by fewer boats.

A Bad day On the Water Is Still better Than....  --RoadDog

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