Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reading the Bumper Stickers at Wintzell's in Mobile, Alabama-- Part 2

Great food and lots of reading material if you don't mind craning your neck.  These are just some of the ones near enough to read.

Here are some more:

Parents never fully appreciate teachers until it rains all weekend.  (As a former teacher, I can relate.)

Paychecks don't go far...just fast.

If a man could have just half his wishes he would double his troubles.

Executive--One who decides quickly and then gets somebody else to do the work.

Success is just a matter of luck--just ask any failure.

Nothing keeps a family together as much as owning just one car.

When an optimist gets a worm in an apple, he goes fishing.

People want the front of the bus, back of the church and middle of the road.  (And, I've seen a couple of them.)

If all the cars in the country were placed end-to-end, someone would pull out and try to pass them.

I'll Have to Go Back and Read Some More.  --RoadDog

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