Sunday, October 14, 2012

There's Got to Be a Morning After...There Was: NIU Homecoming

As the old song goes...there was a morning after the Northern Illinois Homecoming football game, and I'm doing it  right now.  And, for some reason, it is a whole lot more enjoyable than in the past,  Well, actually, it hasn't been so bad for a number of years.

Yes, it is a tad rainy outside right now, and finally, there are actually parking spaces in marked spots available at the Best Western on Lincoln Highway (yes, that Lincoln Highway), something that couldn't be found yesterday when I had to be creative in making my own.

Yes, there was a continental breakfast and yes, I did listen in on conversations of early risers.  (If I'm by myself and you're talking, as Fraser would say, "I'm listening.")  One girl was talking about having to get home to do lots of lesson plans.  Sure glad that is no longer something I have to deal with.  Obviously, there were some other teachers in a group of four girls (I say girls because they sure look young to me).  And another couple was having trouble finding a dog-sitter.

But, the main thing is that certain adult beverages are no longer consumed in vast quantities as happened in the past.  Funny how that can lead to a finer next morning.  Well, that and going to bed at an earlier time, although it was still past 1 AM when we got back.

Sure not the cheaper prices either.  The cheapest beers were $2.50 pints.

Must Be Getting Older.  --RoadDog (NIU Class of '73)

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