Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Third Annual Illinois Lincoln-66 IHSA Football Showdown Coming

The regular Illinois football season is winding down with just one game remaining.  That means I will soon be listing the teams at all levels on Lincoln Highway and Route 66 who made it to the playoffs and again will run a competition to see which roads' teams get the farthest.  This will be third year for it.  It was a tie in 2010 and Lincoln Highway squeaked by last year.

This year, I am thinking about also having a US-12 (Rand Road) versus US-14 (Northwest Highway) Northwest suburbs to Wisconsin state line competition so I can list Richmond-Burton (US-12) which serves Spring Grove and good old Palatine (both US-12 and US-14).

Lovin' That High School Football.  --RoadDog

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