Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The GRBs Jumped Gas 14 Cents!!

As I figured, it wouldn't take the GRBs at Big Oil, hedgers and investment types long to cash in on profits from Hurricane Sandy.  We even went so far as to top off the '03 Malibu yesterday while gas was still $3.46 ($3.45.9) in Fox Lake, Illinois.

Today, the same station was at $3.60.  Wonder how much it will be tomorrow?

The government needs money, lots and lots and lots of money.  Why not tax gas the full amount of increases taking place after a natural disaster and then have an additional no-good Samaritan charge on the people responsible for the prices going up.

They don't care who has to suffer if they have a chance to make a profit.

The No-Goodniks!!  --RoadDog

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