Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NC Trip Summer 2012-- Part 9: Cottage Names

While at Topsail Beach, North Carolina, one day I made a list of the cottage names running south along the ocean drive from the downtown to the town home.  I always like to look for these names as many show great creativity.  The same when I'm at an antique auto show, I look for license plates.  Boating, it's fun to look for boat names.

Happy Days
Casa de la Tortuga
Bungalow By the Sea
By the Shore
Wild Oats
A Home By King
The Starlings
Pelican Way
Seas the Day
Sand Flea
Squid Row
Dana Sea
Sweet Surrender
One Fish Two Fish
Our Goal (with a soccer ball painted on it)
A Gift

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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