Friday, October 19, 2012

Hatch, New Mexico

On Oct. 9th and 11th, I wrote about the New Mexico Green Chile Trail and one of the towns I mentioned was Hatch, New Mexico.  The name was of extreme interest to me for some reason.  I had heard of it before, but didn't know anything about the place, other than they are famous fro their chiles, and that they had a festival honoring their local product.

Wikipedia here I come.

It was originally called Santa Barbara in 1851 when it was first settled.  Apache raids drove settlers away until 1853 when Fort Thom was built.  The settlers returned, but when the fort was closed in 1860, the town was abandoned again until 1875 and then it was renamed for famed Indian fighter Edward Hatch, who had been a Union general during the Civil War.  He was then the commander of the New Mexico Military District.

The population of Hatch explodes up to 30,000 for the annual festival.  I'm not a big green chile fan, but would sure like to be there someday for the festival.

A Place in the Sunshine.  --RoadDog

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