Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fun and Games on US-17 and I-40: Smithfield's Chicken 'N BBQ

Left Topsail Beach Sunday. The whole morning and afternoon, there were really mean-looking black clouds and thunder west of the beach,and that was the way we had to drive to get back to Goldsboro.

No rain until we got to US-17 and headed south to I-40. Then, it would take turns raining, then no rain, then drizzle, then nothing. We would hit patches where no rain at all fell. This continued on I-40 heading west until about the time we got to Wallace when the heavens opened up and really pummeled us.

I'm thinking this is mighty hard rain and many vehicles were pulled over and the rest of us going about 20 mph for a while. When the rain stopped, we saw piles of hail on the sides of the road.

Stopped at Smithfield's Chicken and Barbecue in Warsaw, North Carolina to get something to eat. They have great barbecue and chicken. The place was full of high school age boys intently watching the UNC-Kansas regional championship game. We didn't arrive until the last eight minutes and these guys were fairly quiet, even quieter as the Tarheels went into that no scoring run at the end.

Sure would have been a lot more fun had Carolina won. As it was, however, I was fairly amazed not to hear one swear word like you normally hear today whenever kids gather. Plus, they cleaned up when they left. Quite a group of gentlemen.

We did not have any more rain the rest of the way to Goldsboro.

I'd Had Enough Anyway. --RoadDog

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