Saturday, March 24, 2012

And, An Airporting I Go: Some Trials and Tribulations This Past Tuesday

OK, checking in was no problem, but then came the security check point. The last several times I've flown, this was too bad, but that streak ran out this time. I waited about 25 minutes, made worse when personnel opened another line where people rushed ahead of us to where the two lines joined. I really wasn't too happy about this.

The actual security check was fast, but putting all that stuff back on and in pockets always takes awhile.

I had a row to myself on the flight to Chicago, always nice.


Landed after that short flight at O'Hare. I only had a real short time to get to the next gate as it was and the plane from Milwaukee was fifteen minutes late leaving. The regional planes are too small to put carry-ons in the overhead bins, so they had to be checked at the plane door. And, of course, those carry-ons were the last things off.

Not only was the gate I needed to go a far way from where I got off, but IT WAS IN A WHOLE DIFFERENT TERMINAL and then at the about the farthest gate.

I got there just in time to board.

Fun and Games at the Old Airport. --RoadDog

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