Friday, March 2, 2012

Eatin' At the Log Cabin Steakhouse

It is always a pleasure to walk through those doors and past the bar to the dining room and sitting down at a booth. The main dining room has not changed at all since our first visit, August 26, 1973, a big reason we like it so much. We generally get back at least once or twice a year these days.

Meals are about the cost you'd expect in a steak house, although they call themselves a Greek Steakhouse, roughly $16 to $30, including a veggie tray and cheese, salad, potato and entree.

I got the prime rib special at $17 and Liz ordered fish for the same price. As usual, great and friendly service. We always let our person know this is where we ate on our honeymoon. We also hear a lot of other people saying this marks their 20th-30th anniversary or time they'd been there. While we were eating, a couple came in and said this was their 13th anniversary.

I suggest getting their Greek salad dressing. My prime was so tender I almost didn't need a knife.

Always a big joke when they ask if we want dessert. Hey, we always have to take food to go.

Always a Pleasure. --RoadDog

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