Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heading Home South of Milwaukee


No ticket or towed car this morning thanks to my midnight sojourn out to the parking lot and another $5 to make us legal. Definitely wasn't to happy to go out this morning.

Got back on the interstate and took I-94 south, passing Layton Road (might not have been an interchange but who knows with all that construction. Had to backtrack to the first place we planned on stopping to play NTN, EA Sports in Cudahey. Unfortunately, it was not open.

Then, on to South Milwaukee and Johnny Mo's. This is your classic Wisconsin small town bar (even as a suburb of Milwaukee) and located on a corner. They were open, but had dropped NTN, even though still listed on the site finder.

We were hungry, so ordered their 50 cent wings which they claim are huge. They weren't kidding. Biggest wings we've ever seen. Six apiece filled us up. Try doing that at BW3.

Definitely a place to visit again. Liked their posters for St. Patrick's Day with St. Patrick himself holding a basketball with a sign saying "Irishmen ignore anything they can't drink or pinch."

Last stop before getting back on I-94 was BW3, Buffalo Wild Wings. Liz and I had three Top 5s individually on the lunch game, including one game when we both had a perfect 7,000 score and were #1.

Heading to Mar's Next. --RoadDog

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