Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh! Those Texas History on a Sticks-- Part 3: The Marker Process

In case you're living in Texas and thinking about how to go about getting one of these markers.

The applicant researches, writes the history, gathers maps and photos with 5 to 50 pages of documentation. This will be submitted to a county historical commission for review and approval. from there it goes to the Texas Historical Commission for review.

If they approve it, the applicant pays $1000 for the marker and the commission boils it down to a short inscription.

All 254 Texas counties (I didn't know they had that many, big state I reckon) have markers.

Travis County has the most with 470. Little Loving County has a dozen, or roughly one for every 69 residents.

Wonder What the Procedure Is Here in Illinois? --RoadDog

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