Thursday, March 29, 2012

Midwest Tidbits: A Woman Goes to the Civil War

From the American Profile Magazine.

MICHIGAN-- In 1861, Anna Etheridge of Detroit enlisted as a nurse with the 2nd Michigan. Riding a horse and packing pistols, she tended wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

At the Second Battle of Bull Run, Gen. Philip Kearny said he'd promote her to sergeant, but she never got the promotion because the general was killed at the battle. She did get the Kearny cross for bravery.

NEBRASKA-- The youngest presidential candidate for a major party was former Nebraska Congressman William Jennings Bryan, who was 36 when he ran as a Democratic candidate in 1896, where he lost to William McKinley.

NORTH DAKOTA-- The oil boom is getting folks in this state richer. In 2009, 384 claimed income of more than $1 million. In 2010, the number was 532.

At Least Someone Is getting Rich Off This Gas Gouge. It Sure Isn't Me. --RoadDog

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