Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back in the Air I Go

Drove to Raleigh-Durham Airport Monday and dropped off the rental car at Thrifty. It is nice that there is now a gas station at the airport entrance when you have to top off the car to avoid those huge costs if it is not.

Bussed to the United check in, but didn't have to with the boarding pass. I imagine airline check-ins will be gone before long with fewer people with luggage to check in and these electronic check ins.

Just a couple minute wait at security and then a long wait at the gate (which was one of the closest ones). I passed the time reading the Raleigh News and Observer and USA Today. Believe it or not, there are still a very few folk not electronically hooked up like myself. (Well, I did call Mom and Liz to let them know I was there.) I would estimate about 10% of people were reading hard copy. A whole lot of thumbs whirling away and finger flicking.

Took a walk through the airport. The place selling Carolina-style bbq was still there. I would recommend anyone coming through RDU who has never had it and has the time to try some. I like it when an airport features regional food (like Cincinnati with it's chili).

We were twenty minutes sitting out on the runways before taking off to Newark, New Jersey, where I had a connection, but I had a two hour wait there anyway so no problem.

Maybe I'll get Home Today. --RoadDog

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