Tuesday, January 11, 2011

T-Giving NC 2010-- Cruising Along the National Road

November 21st.

Off of I-70 and now on US-40, the National Road, in Zanesville for one of my favorite old road drives anywhere. Here, you have some really old stuff along the former early 1800s National Road as well as 1930s-1950s road culture all in one place.

Like I said, I turned off 40 too soon and crossed over the Martin Luther King memorial Bridge which is pretty its own right, but not as impressive as the famous Y-Bridge.

The current one replaced an earlier one in 1902. farther down Main Street is a unique and striking Empire Style Courthouse at 4th and Main which always reminds me of the one in Pontiac, Illinois. There were also some pottery stores (this area has lots and lots of pottery stores.

I saw a convenience store called Unky's Pointe and a Union Civil War monument.

Farther east is Greenwood Cemetery with an interesting arch entry way.

Leaving Zanesville. --RoadDog

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