Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Filled Up the Truck Before the Gouge

Yesterday, I drove into Fox Lake, Illinois, to see "The Tourist" a really great movie. Gas was still at $3.16 ($3.15.9) for regular so topped off the tank before our NEW Evil Axis raises the price again.

The New Evil Axis consists of Big Oil, investors and the Middle East.

I was surprised to see the price still at that horribly high level on the way home. Are they going to give us a temporary break?

The last several weeks, Tuesday has been "G-Day." As in "Gouge Day!" Each time, they raised the prices anywhere between ten and fifteen cents. Then, it would drop down two to four cents before the next gouge.

Of course, they've been keep the price at $2.80 plus ever since prices were supposed to start dropping because the summer driving season was over.

These "Gouge Prices" are going to have an impact on our upcoming eagle trip in a few weeks and Florida panhandle trip in February not to mention trips to North Carolina and along Route 66 and other old roads.

We Sure Don't Need the Planned $4+ Gas Prices. --RoadDog

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