Monday, January 17, 2011

Route 66: An All-American Road-- Part 5

Continued from Dec. 22, 2010.

From the January 18, 2009, Your Time "Route 66: Historic Road west still drives interest" by Jim Winnerman of the Christian Science Monitor.

Looking and taking pictures is part of the fun of driving on Route 66, but probably the best past is talking to the folks you meet along the way. And, I'm just talking the locals, but other people experiencing the Mother Road.

Linda Persson, from Sweden, says, "It's the people. The more people we talked to the more fulfilling our trip was."

There are the mom-and-pop diners and motels. Every so often, you can also find a stretch of original pavement. Persson said her favorite stretch was in Oklahoma. Personally, my very favorite is the stretch through Hooker Cut in Missouri by the Devil's Elbow.

Motorcycles are a favorite way to drive 66, but also vintage cars, and, of course, Corvettes. As for Liz and myself, we saw the USA in our Chevrolet like the old commercial said.

In 2008, a famous Englishman also drove the route, one Paul McCartney who used to be in that group, drove 66 when he turned 66. That would be neat, driving 66 when you're 66.

More Fun Than... Well, Most Stuff. --RoadDog

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