Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Batavia, Illinois: Windmill Town Becomes The Energy City

From the Dec. 31, 2010, Chicago Tribune.

One of Illinois' three jewels of towns, Batavia (pop. 27,700) is located along the Fox River west of Chicago. These three towns are referred to as the Tri-Cities. The other two are St. Charles and Geneva.

I'd call it small-town living in a big town area. Batavia was called "The Windmill City" during the Industrial revolution, when it was a major producer of...you guessed it. The Fox River provided the energy for windmill production.

More recently, it has renamed itself "City of Energy." Besides the windmill connection, there is also Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and even New Edison Energy in the industrial park which makes wind turbines.

Its downtown is on the rebound with lots of restaurants and eclectic shops. Then, there is the wonderful riverfront park and its collection of 15 restored windmills, some of which are quite elaborate.

On a historical note, there is a 1906 Frank Lloyd Wright house curently for sale at $1.55 million. Of course, there is also the sanitarium where Mary Todd Lincoln was committed.

Well Worth a Trip. --RoadDog

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