Thursday, January 13, 2011

Airline Gripes-- Part 2

Ot is very difficult for a traveler to go without luggage, even those who do it a whole lot, so this is a great source of money for the airlines. As a result, some people are trying to load up on carry-ons which is causing a problem in the overhead bins.

Many are mad that the airlines brought in these charges as a way to offset the huge fuel costs of several years ago. That ended, but the charges stayed. Then, when you get a fare, it never includes all mandatory charges, just the ticket.

Many couples even share a piece of luggage to cut costs.

Then, there are the check-in lines as well as the security lines and taking off your shoes on really dirty floors. Not to mention the current pat-downs and full nudity body scans.

Then there are the delays at the gates, both leaving and especially arriving, sitting for long periods in planes which are uncomfortable.

It's enough to keep you off planes, which it has in my case, even though flying to North Carolina for one person would be cheaper than driving, even with all the costs.

Go Figure. --RoadDog

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