Friday, January 28, 2011

Oh Dem Baldies-- Part 2

Some More Interesting Stuff from the Eagle Fact-Finder Statistics as put out by the Iowa I-80 Welcome Center.

** The Latin name Haliaeetus leucocephalus means "white-headed" sea eagle.

** The Old English word "balde" meant white, not hairless.

** Eagles' talons and beaks are made of keratin; the same material that make up our hair and fingernails.


** 1-3 eggs in a nest take about 35 days to hatch.

** 3-4 weeks they develop most of their feathers.

** 6-7 weeks they can walk.

** 3 months they can fly.

** 4 months they leave the nest for good.

** 4-5 years to become adults (white head and tail).

** Young eagles stay with their parents even after they have grown to full size; they separate when they migrate.

Still More to Come-- RoadDog

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