Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tidbits: Indiana-- Iowa-- Missouri-- Ohio

From American Profile.com. Some interesting facts.

INDIANA-- Oldenburg (pop. 647) was incorporated in 1869 by German settlers. Called "Village of Spires" because of its many churches.

IOWA-- Exira (pop. 810) has "The Plow in the Oak Tree. The handles and part of the blade stick out of a live bur oak. Legend has it that a farmer was plowing his field when Union soldiers passed by on their way to the Civil War. He leaned the plow against a sapling, joined the soldiers and the tree grew around it.

Good story. I'll have to check it out next time through.

MISSOURI-- Cuba (pop. 3,230) has the world's largest rocking chair a little ways west of town on Route 66 at the Fanning US--66 Outpost and General Store where you can also get your Route 66 wine. This is a new attraction along the old road.

Cuba is also called the City of Murals and has an authentic Route 66 motel on the 1920s Wagon Wheel Motel with its giraffe stone.

OHIO-- Columbus is home of the nation's largest college campus by enrollment at Ohio State University with 53,715 students. I am not a Buckeye fan at all, however.

Columbus and OSU have a connection to the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain. Two Ohio Stae students from Buffalo, NY, were not happy with the wings around Columbus and started the chain.

Always Something Interesting. --RoadDog

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If anyone would like more information/photos concerning Cuba, MO, go to cubamomurals.com or cubamomurals.com/wordpress. Both sites are maintained by a Cuba, MO non-profit Viva Cuba.