Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I left Nov. 19, 2009 at 7:19 with 27,738 miles and arrived in Goldsboro in the evening of Nov. 20th after driving 1,087 miles. Two days of driving and a night spent at the Super 8 in Zanesville, Ohio.

Stopped at the old crossroads called Starks Corner which has sadly replaced the old gas station and restaurant. Also sad, it is usually the most expensive places for gas on the always expensive Il. Highway 47.

There is one of the largest Wind Farms I've ever seen located east of Odell, Illinois, stretching from Route 66 all the way past Il-47 for about a mile. Everywhere you look, there are windmills with those huge blades.

This past September, we saw one on a modified truck and it was huge. We've seen a big one near Lucille's in Oklahoma, but I think this is better.

Real good news. There was a sign at the McDonald's in Gibson City that the "McRib is Back." That is REALLY GOOD NEWS, but unfortunately, I had had a double bacon cheeseburger at the BP station in Dwight so was full. I am a REALLY BIG fan of these sandwiches. I didn't see it advertised at any other McDonald's along 47.

Sure Would Have Liked to Have Had One. --RoadDog

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