Tuesday, December 8, 2009

David Wickline's 66 Roadhouse-- Part 1

Back on November 24th, I wrote about visiting David Wickline's 66 Roadhouse Bar and Grille north of Columbus, Ohio.

The stated reason was to have him sign my copy of his "Images of 66 Vol. I." We had bought it from Laurel Kane at Afton Station back on our 2006 end-to-end Route 66 trip and found it very useful on the rest of our trip. We didn't have to take as many pictures and his captions provided excellent information. As I said before, anyone considering taking a trip on 66 really needs to have this book along with Jerry McClanahan's "E-Z Guide."

At Laurel's suggestion, we had people sign pictures of their places along the way as an extra keepsake. I bought his "Images of 66 Vol. 2 from him at the 2008 Route 66 Festival in Litchfield, Illinois.

My belief is that David really took the idea of showing off his collection to the extreme. Imagining opening up a restaurant and bar just to show it off. Now that is some commitment to the old road.

Since Route 66 is nowhere near Columbus, this place also just might get more people interested in the road, an added bonus.

Up Next, His Collection and Food. --RoadDog

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