Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How Bad Was It? Lincoln Highway in 1915-- Part 1

The Spring 2009 Lincoln Highway Forum ran a group of pictures from a 1915 Lincoln Highway trip by LHA President Henry Joy, LHA Secretary Austin Bement and mechanic E. Eisenhut who drove the new road from Detroit to San Francisco for the Panama-Pacific Exposition in a new Packard Twin-Six.

The weather was great until they hit Iowa and the deluge came, turning the road into a quagmire of sucking mud.

Henry Joy kept a photo album of the trip which is now at the Bentley Library at the University of Michigan.

The late-great Gregory M. Franzwa, Mr. Lincoln Highway put the article together.

The pictures in this installment began east of Marshalltown, Iowa, May 30, 1915, and it took them two days to get to Ames, a trip that today would take less than an hour. But that was then.

A Close Up Look at an Early Road. --RoadDog