Thursday, September 19, 2019

Along 66, July 2019: Crossroads, Specialty Plates and an Anniversary

JULY 17--  Crossroads Diner in Mt. Olive, Illinois, closed earlier this year.  It was built in 1953 at the intersection of  Route 66 and Illinois Highway 138.

There is no explanation as to why it closed and I believe it is in the Illinois Route 66 Association's Hall of Fame.

I don't remember ever eating there, however.  Maybe it was my fault.

JULY 18--  License -plate program earns $231,000 for the Arizona Route 66 Association.  These are what are known as specialty plates.  And, I'm sure that money will be put to good use.

JULY 24--  The New Mexico Route 66 Association is having a 30th anniversary party this Saturday at the Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post west of Albuquerque.

Love Those Route 66 State Associations.  --RoadDog

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