Monday, October 23, 2017

"Welcome to Carthage" Project Completed on Route 66

I see that in Ron Hart's Facebook Page that the project of Lowell Davis in Carthage, Missouri, by the Boots Court Motel involving a "Welcome to Carthage, Missoura" sign and a vintage 1950s police car "hiding" behind it in a classic speed trap pose, has been completed as of this past Thursday.

I wrote about it in a previous post in this blog.

We were there when they put up the sign last Monday and got to talk with Mr. Davis who is quite a character.

Lowell Davis had the cop's head in the car replaced with a pumpkin in honor of the season.

This will sure help Carthage's tourism and no doubt will be a very photographed site.

Don't Speed in Carthage.  --RoadDog

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