Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Along 66, September 2017: Museum Club Closes, Military Convoy on 66

From the Route 66 News Site.  These are just some of the entries and in shortened version. Just the ones of special interest to me.  If you want to see all of the entries, go to the site.

SEPTEMBER 5--  Museum Club in Flagstaff, Arizona closes abruptly.  It has been there since 1931.  The sign says that no memorabilia (and they sure have a lot of memorabilia) is being sold.  Closed 9-4-17.  

Too bad, a mighty fun place.

SEPTEMBER 7--  Antique military vehicle convoy on Route 66 begins September 16 and goes from Chicago to Santa Monica.

September 16 from Chicago to Pontiac.  Sept. 17 Atlanta to Springfield.  Sept.18 rest day in Springfield

Today, Oct. 4, supposed to arrive in Santa Monica.


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