Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hangin' Out at the Vinita (Ok) American Legion on Route 66

Last night we got a room at the Vinita, Oklahoma, Holiday Inn Express so we could walk across the road (which is just several hundred yards off Route 66) and have a drink or two, three, four, at the American Legion.

We've stayed here before and for the same reason.  After a long day's drive, we like to unwind with a few and really love it when we can find a place withing walking distance of our motel.

Friendly people and a whole lot of country music being played.  $2 mugs of beer and we were able to get them to put the Cubs playoff game on the TV.  (But, they only have one TV in the place.)  Big crowd in the place, but we were the only ones watching.  For you Cub fans who think the whole world revolves around your beloved, tain't so.

We heard a WHOLE lot of COUNTRY MUSIC.  For some reason, you hear a whole lot of country music in Oklahoma bars.  We had a lot the night before at Cue and Brew in Stroud after we ate at the Rock Cafe.  Especially a whole lot of George Strait, but surprisingly nothing by Oklahoma boy Toby Keith.

I had to go to the jukebox to check out one group that was played a lot, the Turnpike Troubadours.  I will have to get a CD by them  That is an excellent band.

If It's Oklahoma, It Must Be Country.  --RoadDog

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