Saturday, June 10, 2017

News From Route 66, April 2017: Lincoln Mystery Solved

These articles are taken from the Route 66 News site, a clearing house of all things Route 66 news.  It has many more news accounts.  I just take the ones I am most interested in to write about here.  Check the site out.

APRIL 28--  Front Street bridge in Galena, Kansas will be closed until July for repairs.  It is better known to Route 66ers as the Galena Viaduct.  The bridge was in serious need of repairs.

APRIL 29--  The Mosaic Church will now operate the South Pasadena Rialto Theatre.  It is always good to find a new use for a neat old building.  Much better than tearing it down.

APRIL 30--  The Mill in Lincoln, Illinois, plays a role in solving an Abraham Lincoln mystery.  It reopened this weekend.  Lincoln was rumored to have practiced law at the Lincoln Christian Church in the late 1850s after the courthouse burned down and the church was used.


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