Monday, June 26, 2017

N.C. January 2017-- Part 15: Green Bay Packer Fans in Surf City, N.C.!!


I took a walk over to the Missiles & More Museum in Topsail Beach, but it was closed (what isn't closed here in January?).  I found Bob and Andy eating at a deli place that was lucky.  Walked back to the Jolly Roger Pier and bought a Pender County newspaper and found out that the Home Port restaurant/Bar had moved to Hamstead on U.S. Highway 17.  This was the last bar in Topsail Beach and I had been planning on going to it while here, but found it was closed.

We went to Surf City to the Shuckin' Shack in Surf City to see the Green Packer and Dallas Cowboys playoff game.    I figured that since we were in the South there would be a lot of Cowboy fans.  I was wrong.  The place was packed with Packer fans, all wearing Green bay gear and cheering along.  It was like watching a Packer or Bears game back home.  One guy even had one of those giant cheesehead wedge hats.

Packer Me.  --RoadDog

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