Tuesday, June 27, 2017

N.C. January 2017-- Part 16: A Game of the Ages


And, the Packers were really pounding on Dallas which was surprising as the Cowboys are considered to be one of the best two NFL teams, them and the New England Patriots.  I used to feel sorry for the Patriots before the Brady era as the first time they went to the Super Bowl, they got blown out by Da Bears back in Super Bowl XX.  The second time they went, the Packers beat them.  But, not no more as they say.

I am not a Dallas fan, going back to the days they were always beating Da Bears.  But, here were Da Pack whupping up in Dallas and lots of Packer fans here in North Carolina really, really enjoying themselves.   I wouldn't have had more fun had I been back in home area watching at a bar.

We had to leave before the game was over and went back to the motel past a lot of cops sitting alongside the road.  Watched the end of the game in my room and it was one of the best games ever.  Dallas came back and it went down to the very end with the Packers winning!!

We also watched most of the Chiefs-Steelers playoff game which was another close one.

Some Really Good Football Today.  --RoadDog

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