Tuesday, June 13, 2017

N.C. January 2017-- Part 11: Jolly Roger Motel and Fort Fisher Anniversary


This was a day to move stuff.  I mean, move lots and lots and lots of stuff.  I tell you, 65-year-old bones and muscles might be just a bit past prime operation.

Bob, Andy and I are staying at the Jolly Roger Motel, next to the Jolly Roger Pier in Topsail Beach, N.C.

Topsail Island, where Topsail Beach is located, got its name from the topsails of pirate ships which used to wait behind the barrier island for  unsuspecting merchant ships to pass by.  Captain Jack would appreciate this.

Great view of the ocean and a real pretty sunrise this morning.  Temperature yesterday was in the 70s all the way through North Carolina, but today 50 degrees is forecast.  Several fishermen were staying at the motel and there was one on the shore fishing and no one was up on the pier.

I sure know where I'd much rather be today, and that is at Fort Fisher down at Kure Beach, about fifty miles away as you drive a car, but maybe 25 by water.  This weekend is the 152nd anniversary of the Second Battle of Fort Fisher during the Civil War.  This is the battle which resulted in the fort's capture and there were all sorts of things going on there.

Fort Fisher Is MY Civil War Site and the Reason I Got Into History.  --RoadDog

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