Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Over the Moon: Austin's Moonlight Towers-- Part 3: The Zilker Holiday Tree

**  17:  The number of Moonlight Towers that still exist.  Fifteen still stand and two are in storage.

In 2014, the Austin City Council passed a resolution authorizing an ongoing $3.9 million project to repair, restore and maintain the towers, which are managed by Austin Energy.

**  3,159:  Colored lights adorn the city's most iconic Moonlight Tower in Zilker Metropolitan Park each December when it is converted into Zilker Park Holiday Tree.

The structure was disassembled for repairs last April and reinstalled after four months of work.

**  6:  carbon arc lamps were originally fitted to each tower, giving off a blue-white light that reached 3,000 feet in diameter.

While they were commonly referred to as "moonlight towers" by the 1930s, the towers' lunar connection was referenced as early as 1894.

Gi Ahead, Moon Me.  --RoadMoon

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