Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fox Lake/Grant Township Hist. Society:-- Part 2: Dog 'N Suds

Of course, coming in as late as I did, I missed quite a bit of it.

The third generation of Roy Miller's  family, his son, is now running the place.  There is also a fourth generation in training.  It is so great when a family can pass a business down like this.

And, they are always looking to improve upon what they have and sell.

Several years back, they replaced the ordering system for the cars.  When the original system was put in, all wires were run through garden hose.  When they dug for the new system, they found that all the garden hoses were as pliable and in good shape as they were back when installed in 1966.

The Dog 'N Suds is about as 1950s-1960s retro as you can get.  You pull into a parking space and order on a system and a carhop brings it to you.  Very "Happy Daysish."  To me, a great Retro night is to go to Dog 'N Suds for dinner, order an extra large cup of root beer and drive over to the McHenry Outdoor Theater, about ten miles away.

Give Me a Coney Dog.  --RoadDog

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