Thursday, January 26, 2017

N.C. January 2017-- Part 1: Snow and Ice

JANUARY 12, 2017, Thursday

I was hoping to leave by 6 a.m., and was up, but the weather last night did not cooperate.  All of yesterday's rain and last night's had turned to ice and had a slight covering of snow on top of it.  Thus making for very treacherous driving.  I decided to wait for the sun and warmer temperatures to help.

Went on the internet and posted to all my blogs and then loaded the '11 Malibu much more carefully because of all the things I left behind during my December trip to North Carolina.

I did have a really hard time scraping the ice off the truck windows, but eventually got it clear enough to move it so I could back the Malibu out of the garage.

I had no slippery roads until I got to Yorkville and did some sliding to get into the Hardee's parking lots, then nearly did a header myself walking into the place.  Once back on Illinois Highway 47, it got real sloppy with all the slush the trucks were splashing up.   The wipers were not doing a good job keeping the mess off the windshield.

I stopped at the gas station east of Sauneman, Illinois, and took a hard knee walking in on what appeared to be water but was actually ice.  Just the thing for a 65-year-old knee.

Not the Best Driving Day.  --RoadDog

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