Friday, January 27, 2017

Here Are Five North Carolina Twists on the Classic Deviled Egg

From the March 2014 Our State Magazine "Updating a Classic: The Deviled Egg" by Wendy Perry.

If you're like me, you really love your deviled eggs.  Ever notice how these are always the first to go at a potluck or buffet?

BREAKFAST DEVILED EGG--  Crisp bacon and mashed potatoes.

CAROLINA COAST DEVILED EGG--  Blue Crab and roasted corn.

SASSY HABANARO DEVILED EGG--  Habanero bread-and-butter pickles by N.C.-based Miss Jenny's Pickles.  I kind of doubt I'd try one of these.  I accidentally got ahold of a habanero once in a stuffed olive and hope to never do that again.

PIMENTO CHEESE DEVILED EGG--  Pick up your pimento cheese from Conrad & Hinkle in Lexington.  I LOVE my pimento cheese.

TEXAS PETE DEVILED EGG--  Using Winston-Salem's Texas Pete sauce.  Now, you'd think with a name like Texas, this is where it would be made, wouldn't you?

Devilishly Good, Ya'll.  --RoadDog

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