Sunday, December 18, 2016

News From Along Route 66, November 2016: 90th Route 66 Birthday-- Part 3

1980s:  Route 66 is fully decommissioned with the last section being in Arizona.  The road is no longer officially there.  Various states along the route begin Route 66 Associations.

1990s:  Books about Route 66 begin trickling into stores.  probably the biggest one was Michael Wallis' best-selling "Route 66:  The Mother Road."  Old Route 66 begins a resurgence.

2000s:  The movie "Cars" had a huge impact as well as growth of the internet.

2010s:  More towns are getting involved as they begin to appreciate their Route 66 heritage.

Liz and I Have Been 66ers Since 2002.  --RoadDog

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