Monday, December 12, 2016

I Got My Shrimpburger, But At Shuckin' Shack in Surf City, N.C.

This past September, I was at Topsail Beach for a week and went over to Surf City and stopped at the Shuckin' Shack.  This wasn't my first time there.  I had been there in July and had something I'd been wanting to try since we were in Maine and saw something called a lobster roll.  They had them, so I got one and it was as good as I thought it might be.

But this time, perusing the menu I saw the shrimpburger offering.  I had read the Our State article and, of course, had a hankering to try one.  It cost about $10 and came as two large slider-type sandwiches.  That first bite into it proved I was right to have been wanting one.  That was really good.

Only theirs came with the shrimp cooked inside of a solid outer covering sort of like a burger.  By the time I had finished one of the two shrinpburgers and the wonderful fries, I had to take the second one home with me.

I just looked up Shuckin' Shack on the internet and found there are ten of them, ranging from Frederick, Md., to two places in S.C. and the rest in North Carolina.  Four of them are around the Wilmington area: Carolina Beach, Wilmington, Morehead City and the one in Surf City.

I'll be getting back to the one in Surf City in December.

The Big Problem:  What to Order, a Lobster Roll or Shrimpburger?  --RoadDog

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