Friday, December 16, 2016

News From Along Route 66, November 2016: Go Cubs Go, Clocks for Meadow Gold Sign and the Mysterious "Hotel" Sign

These Route 66 tidbits are taken from the Route 66 News site.  There are many more, but I do the ones of special interest to me.

NOVEMBER 3--  The Chicago Cubs won their first World Championship in 108 years.  Ron Warnick, who owns the Route 66 News site, is a Cardinal fan, but made a big deal about the Cubbies.  Thanks Ron (even though I am more of a White Sox fan.  But, I pull for the Cubs unless they play my Sox.).

NOVEMBER 3--  The long-awaited clocks are being installed on the Meadow Gold sign in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Always great to get something back to looking as it was.

NOVEMBER 6--  Michael brown owns a "Hotel" neon sign that once stood somewhere along Route 66 in Illinois.  But, he doesn't know what the hotel's name was or where it stood, so if you have any information, give him a call.


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