Friday, December 16, 2016

News From Along Route 66, November 2016: Lincoln's Mill, Whitehall Mercantile, Route 66 centennial Commission in Illinois

NOVEMBER 7--  Additional funding sought for the Mill's bathrooms.  Logan County in Illinois wants an extra $4,755 from the city of Lincoln for handicapped access.  They hope to have it open as a museum by this coming spring.

It opened in 1929 and prospered before falling into decline in the 1970s and closed in 1996.

Liz and I first saw this imposing structure in 2002 when it was in sad and declining state, but much has been done to it since then.  Lincoln is one Route 66 town which really appreciates its Route 66 heritage.

NOVEMBER 9--  The Whitehall Mercantile in Halltown, Missouri, is set to close a few weeks before Christmas.  Reason for the closing is given as the age of the owners.

I always thought the place was closed as I'd never seen it open.

NOVEMBER 11--  An Illinois lawmaker seeks the creation of an Illinois Route 66 centennial Commission since we are now just ten years away from Route 66's 100th birthday.  Tim Butler (Springfield-R) has introduced H.B. 6624.  I'm all for this.


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