Thursday, June 23, 2016

An Unexpected Trip to North Carolina-- Part 3: Road Woes With Trucks

June 20, 2016, Monday.

Another good hot breakfast at the Clarion in the morning and then on the road, I-70, heading east.  We're cruising along at the posted 70 mph.  Then, we come upon a group of around seven trucks.  I  always speed up when I see a bunch of trucks grouped together, knowing that one is going to try to pass the others.

I don't know why, but when a truck passes me in my car, he whizzes by very fast.  But, when they pass another truck, it is done very slowly.  Very, very slowly.  It is like that trucker decorum or courtesy calls for a slow pass so as not to upstage the passee.  And, I am sure they know that this slow pass-by is making the motorists lining up behind him a little unhappy.

Well, that truck pulled over into the left lane and it was off to the races we went at 55-60 mph.  And, he decided to pass ALL of the trucks.  We have now been behind the guy for around 15 miles and are in Indiana, just past Richmond, and I see an opening to the truck's right and floor it to pass him on that side.

Only to encounter a car with its right turn blinker on going about 25 mph.  Foiled again.  And then, the cars behind the truck wouldn't let me back into the left lane.

No Wonder My hair  Is Turning Gray.  --RoadDog

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