Thursday, June 2, 2016

500 Facts About the Indy 500-- Part 2: A Lot of Help

"This story, told the way we choose to tell it, would not have been possible without Nora Spitznogle's charming 100-day countdown to the 100th 500 on or the reporting provided over the years by Lori Lovely.  Interviews with folks from Jim Nabors to A.J. Foyt, culled from our personal archives of material broadcast on WIBC several years ago, also provided some first-person accounts of what happened at Indy.

"Lastly, a huge thank you must be extended to Indianapolis Motor Speedway and historian Donald Davidson.  From providing info, tidbits and fact checks, the track and Mr. Davidson really helped make this thing as robust as we could make it for a landmark event as big as the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500.

"Ladies and gentlemen -- start your engines. >>>"

--One Huge Undertaking.  --RoadDog

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