Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Lincoln Highway-- Part 3: 1915 Motor Tour

The convoy went through Gettysburg, Greensburg, Lima, Ligonier, Clinton, Kearney, Salt Lake City and onto Sacramento as well as the cities and hamlets in between.  They filmed the whole way.

Arrival at its destination, San Francisco took place on August 25, and a couple cars were driven into the Pacific surf on Ocean Beach to mark the end of it.  (Photos of the beginning and end accompany the article.)  The hard drive had taken 102 days and generated around 10,000 feet of film.

What made the Lincoln Highway special was the extraordinary promotional flair of its backers.  The film was just one more aspect of that.

San Francisco was hosting a world's fair: The Panama-Pacific International Exposition that year.  The LHA film was shown from early September to the end of the fair on December 4.  They then took it on the road in reverse, playing to big crowds in the cities they had passed through going westward.


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