Friday, December 11, 2015

Sweet St. Louis Is Beckoning-- Part 3: Ted Drewes, of Course

Ted Drewes Sr, opened his first store in Florida in 1929 and a year later came to St. Louis, selling his cold treats through the Depression.  he has had many offers to franchise his stands, but he and now his son, Ted Jr. refuse to in order to insure the quality of their product.

Ted Drewes didn't invent frozen custard; it began as a carnival treat at New York's Coney Island nearly 100 years ago.  Unlike ice cream, it contains eggs and has less air so it stays smooth and doesn't crystallize.  But, Ted Drewes uses a particular kind of honey, which they go through great lengths to keep under wraps.  They even go so far as to have their supplier remove the labels before shipping so that others can't find out what it is.

The main stand on Chippewa Street on Route 66 closes January 1 and reopens on Valentine's Day.  The stand sells balsam fir trees at Christmas time.  A second stand on Grand Boulevard is open summers only.  At 6726 Chippewa Street.


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