Friday, December 18, 2015

N.C. for T-Giving 2015-- Part 7: Don't Travel the Day Before Thanksgiving

November 25, 2015, Wednesday

Decided to take my chances and drive straight through Columbus on I-70, despite it being morning rush hour.  Good decision, after the bad one on gas last night, as I went right through with no backups.  Got off at Exit 110 east of the city and took the road to US-33, about several miles.

US-33 was easy driving and got gas at Rockbridge, Ohio,  as planned and it was $1.85.  Drove past Athens, Ohio, the home of Ohio University and the team that trounced us so badly last night.  I was pleasant about it, though.

Picked up a station playing Country Legends at 101.5 FM somewhere between Ohio and West Virginia. Enjoyed it.  Oldies country, but not as old as the ones WBRF plays in Galax, Virginia.  They call themselves the Tri-State Station Big Buck Country.

Easy cruise through Charleston, West Virginia and onto the turnpike. I listened to Charleston's 107.3 FM, Tailgate Radio, a unique station that plays music that would be perfect for a football tailgate party, all upbeat songs from a variety of music types and a few oldies sprinkled in.

 I started seeing flashing signs for having my toll ready at the first tollbooth area.  I had never seen that before and soon found out.  It was a Chicago-style back up, stretching at least a quarter mile, but I lucked out into a lane that was moving along fast.  This was my first indication that perhaps the day before Thanksgiving was not a great day to be out on the interstates.

Gas along the West Virginia Turnpike was $2.23, the lowest I've ever seen it.  It was still higher than anywhere else on the trip.

The other two tollbooth areas ($2 each) were no problem, although I was sure expecting it by now.


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