Saturday, September 12, 2015

U.S. Highway 16

From Wikipedia.

Last month, I wrote about the World War II LST ship, LST-393, that was renamed the Highway 16 when it served as a part of the highway in my World War II blog, Tattooed On Your Soul.

It carried vehicles across Lake Michigan between Muskegon, Michigan, to Wisconsin.

Prior to the coming of U.S. Highways in 1926, the road was known as M-16 and went from Detroit to Muskegon in the state.  US-16 originally ran from Detroit, Michigan to Yellowstone National Park with a ferry link between Michigan and  Wisconsin.  Today it just runs from Rapid City, South Dakota to the eastern entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

The original  US-16 has been replaced by interstates.

In 1938 reflectorized discs were placed every 100 feet from Detroit to Lansing to cut down on night time accidents.


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